SOTA Schiffall (OE/ST-365) - 1221m

On July 11th, 2012 i started a SOTA-tour to Schiffall (OE/ST-365) and my backpack was filled with the following equipment:

I started from a parking place:

Power station:

cows ;-)

Transformer station:

I am high ...

Walking time: 1 HOUR - time for a break ...

I need a new shirt ...

... and a little bit of vitamin

about 400m higher than the start ...

Walking time: 2 HOURS - short break and a little bit of water ...

Wonderful sight:

Nice! A door in a stone ... i will not give away the secret inside ...



Signed in:

Time for a new shirt - let the sun dry my others:

Antenna builded up:


Thanks for 10 QSO's:

1 OE6PKF/P 11/07/12 1032 OE/ST-365 7MHz SSB HB9AGH
2 OE6PKF/P 11/07/12 1033 OE/ST-365 7MHz SSB DF5WA
3 OE6PKF/P 11/07/12 1033 OE/ST-365 7MHz SSB HB9CGA
4 OE6PKF/P 11/07/12 1035 OE/ST-365 7MHz SSB OM7DX
5 OE6PKF/P 11/07/12 1036 OE/ST-365 7MHz SSB DC8MH
6 OE6PKF/P 11/07/12 1054 OE/ST-365 7MHz SSB HB9MKV
7 OE6PKF/P 11/07/12 1055 OE/ST-365 7MHz SSB DL3JPN
8 OE6PKF/P 11/07/12 1057 OE/ST-365 7MHz SSB S56IHX
9 OE6PKF/P 11/07/12 1058 OE/ST-365 7MHz SSB DL3HXX
10 OE6PKF/P 11/07/12 1059 OE/ST-365 7MHz SSB S57ILF

What's that? a man comes out of a stone? ;-)

Now going to 'Kreuzkogel' - bye, bye 'Schifoi' ...

Oh! Looks like here's coming a harder part ...

Reached the summit-cross from 'Kreuzkogel'! (unfortunately not a valid sota mountain)

Nice diagram!

Signed in the summit-book

Views ...

I decided to take the way down to 'Mixnitz'

OH NO! A cloudburst !!!

OE6PKF - NOT Happy ...

The heavy shower is gone away ...

Reached 'Mixnitz':

The weather was ... you read the story ... the way up was very steep but also very beautiful!

And my ninth summit was on the air and i was the first who activated this summit :-)

Walking time up the mountain: 150 minutes
Walking time down the mountain: 90 minutes (fired by the rain ...)

Thanks for reading.
vy 73 de OE6PKF, Kersten