SOTA Dreieckkogel (OE/KT-147) - 1528m

On Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 I started a SOTA-tour to Dreieckkogel (OE/KT-147) and my backpack was filled with the following equipment:

After waiting until the rain is over I started from Narrenfelsen:

Way up:


Further way up:

See how the sun is shining:

Summit-cross in sight!


Views from the top:

OH NO! After building up my station for shortwave it began to rain ...

I packed my utilities and ran under a tree ...

See the rain ...

Nothing beautiful in the sky ...

After waiting an hour there is blue color in the sky - will the weather be better?

No - it doesn't ...
Under the trees i found a place to build up my shack and activate the summit :-)

From here you can hike to "Grosser Speikkogel":

Bye, bye Dreieckskogel!

My waterway down:

It's still raining ...

View to Narrenfelsen:

Further way down:

Happy to see my car ... dry clothes ... a little bit of water ...

Thanks for 8 QSO's:


The weather was sunny and rainy and the temperature on the summit about 22/14┬░C.

And my 39th summit was on the air.

Walking time up the mountain from Narrenfelsen: 40 minutes
Walking time down the mountain: 75 minutes

Thanks for reading.
vy 73 de OE6PKF, Kersten

PS: Maybe this summit has (had) some other aliases:
OE/KT-147, OE0/KT-1068