GMA Narrenfelsen (OE0/ST-1139) - 1490m

On Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 I started a GMA-tour to Narrenfelsen (OE0/ST-1139) and my backpack was filled with the following equipment:

I started not from that point that I planned ... I am not to be allowed to drive further on this way ... so I parked my car on side and started hiking from here ... my navi said 5km to that place I planned to start hiking ...

That's not the only thing that didn't work like plan on this day, but at this time - I didn't know it ... Let's go!

Way up ...

In the wood ...

Reached the top ... nothing interesting or beautiful here ...

As it began to rain I did the activation with my DMR-handheld-transceiver.

Thanks for 4 QSO's:


The weather was sunny and rainy and the temperature on the summit about 20┬░C.

And my 38th summit was on the air and i was the first who activated this summit :-)

Walking time up the mountain: 165 minutes

From "Narrenfelsen" i hiked to Dreieckkogel ... go on reading here!

Thanks for reading.
vy 73 de OE6PKF, Kersten